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  • Build a More Satisfying and Meaningful Retirement Experience

  • Replace your Work Identity and Re-create Yourself

  • Strengthen Your Relationships and Feel More Connected

  • Improve Your Sense of Well-being

We will use interesting and challenging exercises to help you explore and define your values and beliefs, interests, and goals.  This will help you come up with a comprehensive retirement plan that really works for you!  

Business People


We will meet for approximately 3-5 sessions to explore and plan your retirement. We will use fun and interesting tools to discuss your personal needs and desires, designing your unique retirement.

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All of my services are available either in- person or online, whatever you prefer. Please contact me below today to get started!



As a Couple, you will benefit from joint sessions to learn and develop a new understanding about your own and your spouse's hopes for a successful retirement experience. We will use tools designed specifically for couples to help define and build a vision of the next chapter of your life.


I am also available to meet with small
groups.  This can be a fun way to do some
of the exercises, share ideas and work on
      your perfect retirement. 

Client Comments


I would recommend meeting with Kathy Cullen for Retirement Couching. I thought I had thought of all areas having to do with this life change, but she identified areas I hadn't thought about and I was able to make some changes right away as a result of meeting with her. Great experience!

Lynn K., Ph.D


I've spent many years preparing for retirement, or so I Ithought. After working with Kathy, I've been able to identify and fill in a lot of blank spots in my plan. Working with her was very, very helpful!

Edward C., MBA


About Me


I meet with individuals, couples and groups to help them plan for and build a life in retirement that meets their personal values, social and mental needs, and enhances physical wellness.  I am a Certified Professional Retirement Coach.


My background as a social worker and therapist for 35 years prepared me with excellent communication skills, the ability to build rapport easily, and to really listen to client needs. After retiring for a few years myself, I felt a lack of purpose and direction.  I became certified as a professional retirement coach, and I look forward to meeting you and working with you to prepare and experience the best retirement possible!  

                        Kathy Cullen, MSW, CPRC

Senior Book Club

“Retire from work, but not from life.”

M.K. Soni

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